The Weeknd Responds to Drake Diss SONG! (Full Breakdown of the BEEF Between em!)

It was not too long ago that They were chatting on the phone like best Friends

If you remembered two nights ago Drake Fired off what seem like not so subtle signs at Abel (The weeknd) sounding obviously not pleased with the fact that The Weeknd did not sign with his Label OvO. (You Can download the Track Here He Said this line

And I’m the only nigga still known for the music

Listen Below.

The Weeknd Reponse? To the Whole Track and to that Line was tweeted out Friday afternoon by him.

Seems like No Salt on The Weeknds part … Drake obviously isn’t done though! LETS RECAP!
RECAP OF THE WHOLE BEEF? SEE BELOW (Its a few pages to Read em all) Well The Weeknd eventually went on to sign a solo deal with Universal Republic this past September and release Trilogy with no attachment to OVO in November. That’s apparently when Drake and The Weeknd’s relationship went sour. The Weeknd was suppose to sign to a Label started by Drake called “OvO”. He started it under Warner and even courted the name among hip hop fans as OVO – XO or commonly OvOxo (Xo being The weeknds Brand). Obviously it was set up for The weeknd to be the Lead Artist of Drake’s Imprint and Drake placed his brand behind it early by putting him on songs on Take Care and giving him great media looks with songs and collabs.(see Next Page)

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  • Lil blood

    Drake leave him to riot

  • Ravi guys got several facts wrong. 1.) Drake doesn’t say “I can turn your boy into the man” He says “boys tell stories about the man”
    2.) The Weeknd Track ‘The Morning’ in which you wrote “These pussy niggas tryna hold on to their credit’ was relased March 21,2011 which makes it completely irrelevant to this “beef”. Please get the facts right because it makes it seem much bigger when you take quotes out of context and out of the correct time. After The Morning track Drake and The Weeknd worked together numerous times.

    • anon

      later in the song he does say ‘i can turn your boy into the man’

  • Bryce Blalex Douglas

    That verse wasn’t directed at The Weeknd, it was directed at Voyce a singer he use to fuck with back in the day who’s from Canada too, until Voyce started talking shit

  • Xo<3

    It doesn’t really matter about the beef between the two. They both make wonderful music with or without each other. Focus on what they produce rather than their issues between one another.

  • Brandon Christopher Herring

    Whether there having beef or not,they both make music we love and enjoy.Plus the Weeknd and Drake just came out with a new track called Live for.And they sound like just like what they always sound like,good.

  • landofkays

    This is hilarious, drake reached out to abel after hearing some of his older things, and they began working together and crew love & some other songs were originally the weeknd’s and belonged to him, but drake wanted them, and abel being hungry to be out there and rising said he could take them, abel also wrote one of the songs on Take Care. Silly to assume they’re fighting when you literally had no part in anything, view numerous interviews and the truth is revealed.

  • mandy g

    Nobody can mess with Drake!!