Nudes of Sixers’ Nick Young’s Ex-Girlfriend Carol Rodriguez Leak  [Photos]

One great thing about Baller Mails is that even though I don’t always know what’s going on, our readers will know the tea. Some of you guys are pure evil, and I love you for it. Anyway, this one is about Sixers’ Nick Young and his ex girlfriend Olympic runner Carol Rodriguez.

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“Carol Rodriguez dated Nick Young of the Sixers for years until he had a baby by another woman named Keonna last year. Keonna is always at the games in every city and Nick is more in love with her than he ever was with Carol so Carol is real mad. Carol has become a bisexual NBA jumpoff she sent these pictures to shaq and all are attached to this email. shes trying to get in where she fit in but someone really need to intervene because she has a college educaton she dont have to be actin like this. shaq said she always trying to push up on him but after he has sex with her he is not really interested. im a friend of carol but i know this is the only way i can get her attention to change and be a better woman. WAKE UP CAROL YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN NICK OR ALL THE NBA YOU ARE JUMPOFF”



Oh, did I mention some nudes came along with this email? Yikes!




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