Star & Bucwild On The Combat Jack

star buck combat

Radio vanguards Star and Bucwild made their way to The Combat Jack Show this week on PNC Radio. Much like Combat, Star was also influential in my career. His book Objective Hate here. Helluva read.

Star and Buc Wild. Couldn’t control these cats, even with Dallas Penn on deck. In a rare interview, Star shared his past, how he was an actual street pimp in New York City in the early 1980′s, how he went to war with a handgun against a Dominican chick armed with and uzi and got sprayed up, his cocaine and mescaline fueled days, how he pimped MTV, Hot 97 and Power 105, why he has no issue with Big Tigger, how he’s never been impressed with Howard Stern, his love for DJ Vlad, what his hate is really about, how he doesn’t know who the fuck Just Blaze is, how someone who doesn’t fux with Hip Hop became a Hip Hop icon and more. This was too much. Dig in my cousin.


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